Choosing a wig is a very personal and private matter but when a woman needs a wig as a result of cancer treatment, having a few friends along is not a bad thing. Whether you are laughing or crying, Joni will be right there with you, guiding you to the choice that is best for you.

During your consultation appointment, Joni will present different styles and different colors of wigs for you to consider. She has some inventory at her wig salon but she can also order a multitude of styles and colors from a variety of manufacturers.

There are many variables to take into account when choosing a wig. Just as important as getting the right look, is getting the right fit. Joni will expertly measure and fit your new wig so that you experience the best possible comfort. Before you leave the wig salon with your new hair, Joni will make sure that you are comfortable and secure with basic maintenance and taking your wig on and off.

Joni volunteers her time at Mayo Health System in New Prague, and St. Francis Hospital in Shakopee as a consultant for the Look Good…Feel Better program.