Imagine that you discover a couple of places on your head where your hair has fallen out. The patches are small, smooth and round. Over a period of time you lose more and more hair until there is little or no hair on your scalp. Now imagine that you are a 15 year old with this condition and you are in the school dance line. What if you were a young bride-to-be and you are planning your wedding?

The condition that causes symptoms like these is called Alopecia. It is an autoimmune skin disease that affects about 2% of the population. most commonly in people under the age of 20. With Alopecia Areata, hair loss occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles. In some cases, the result is the loss of all scalp hair. In other cases, people experience a loss of all body hair including eyebrows and eyelashes, which is what our young bride above was dealing with.

Wig salon in New Prague, MN

Joni is sure that she can help you find the color and style that will make you feel confident.

Joni has spent a lot of time with clients who are experiencing hair loss due to Alopecia. She is knowledgeable about the disease, but more importantly she is experienced in helping her clients find wig solutions that will help them to regain their confidence. Sometimes a full wig is what is needed. Sometimes a hairpiece is what is needed to cover up bald spots and blend in with the rest of the hair.  Whatever the situation, Joni helps her clients with expertise and compassion.

The FDA has recently approved new drugs for the treatment of alopecia. While not in widespread use just yet, they hold the promise of hair regrowth for those afflicted with this auto-immune disease. In the meantime, Joni continues to work with clients to find ways to help them feel good about their appearance. The solution for the bride was a full wig, with a cute cut. She wore false eyelashes and has had her eyebrows made with permanent makeup. What happened with the 15 year old?  Joni fitted her with a hairpiece that blended right in with the long hair look of the other girls on the team. “It was nice to see her smile and her confidence come back,” Joni said.

Contact Joni to schedule a wig appointment at her home salon.

For more information on alopecia please check out these resources:



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