Joni's home hair salon in New Prague, MN

Joni Tikalsky has been a hair professional for 33 years. She started offering hair salon services out of her home when she was a mom with three young daughters at home. Being a mom and having a home based business gave her the income and the flexibility she wanted to be her best at both roles. Now that her daughters are grown and her family has grown to include two grandchildren, Joni still enjoys the flexible schedule that is possible with a home hair salon while at the same time she has more time to devote to her business.

Joni takes classes on a regular basis to develop new skills and to keep up on the latest in hair and wig trends, techniques and products. Whether her clients need the newest “Ombre” hair coloring or a Friday morning wash and set, Joni is committed to providing the very best hair and wig services to her clients.

She invites you to connect with her on Facebook and contact her to schedule your next hair appointment.